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Official Association Graphic Standards

In 2013 when we re-branded the Association a set of Graphic Standards was developed to ensure the Association's brand was conveyed in a consistent message to all Volunteers, prospective volunteers, the community and across the state as our identity. These standards were recently revised in October 2015 and cover a variety of topics from official fonts, how to describe the Association in documents to official colors, logos and apparel.

Facebook/Social Media & Other Promotional Requirements

When promoting the Association, an event or other activity sponsored by the North Fork Ambulance on Facebook, social media or on flyers, the following standards should be adhered to:

  • The Association's name must be spelled out as "North Fork Ambulance." After referring to the name once, you may refer to it as the "Association" if you wish. DO NOT UTILIZE "NFAA" . The use of the Acryonym has been discontinued and should not be used. When communicating with outside groups and media, etc it is encouraged that you communicate this to them if possible although we have no control over how outside groups use our name.
  • Utilize only official logos as provided by the Graphic Coordinator. Any alterations to the logos are not allowed. Please refer to the Graphic Standards for complete logo guidelines.
  • All communication should be in a positive tone, and never reveal confidential/patient information.
  • No employee or volunteer of the Association should engage in an argument or make disparaging remarks about any individual or group/organization on Facebook or other social media platform when commenting or mentioning the Association's name. Similiarly, the Association should never be used for political gain by referencing it for advancement of a political agenda or to start negative publicity for an event or proposed government action.
  • The Board of Directors and Executive Director are the only individuals authorized to make statements regarding official response to incidents and/or position of the Association on given action/inaction.
  • Photos used should be of high resolution and of a professional nature. Photographs not taken by North Fork Ambulance personnel should be noted as such and you should have the photographer's permission before posting to Facebook/social media or advertisements.
    • For photos, contact Kathy Steckel, Kris Stewart or Dawnette Simpson.
    • Photos should have the personnel with the most recent Association logos on apparel and the new green ambulance design and not the previous orange paint scheme.