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Official Association Apparel

When an individual joins the Association, he/she will receive the following Apparel items:

  • An Association branded baseball cap in one of approved styles, if the volunteer desires a hat.
  • The volunteer will then choose between two (2) apparel packages for shirts:
    • Package “A” will contain a Polo Shirt (mens or women’s style) and one t-shirt (choose from styles)
    • Package “B” will contain three (3) Association t-shirts (choose from variety of styles)
  • An Association branded windbreaker that zips up.

Ordering Board Provided Apparel
The Board understands that apparel gets worn out, especially by those volunteers who dedicate themselves to the Association regularly by taking extra shifts each month and volunteering at public events. To help volunteers get the clothing they need to stay looking sharp, a “Staff Apparel Order Form” has been implemented.

This form will be available at Lasting Impressions and Rocky Mountain Locksmith and Embroidery; the only two embroidery shops authorized to embroider/produce North Fork Ambulance branded apparel.  Their addresses and contact information is listed below.

Lasting Impressions
Connie & Neal Black
602 2nd Street
Paonia, Colorado 81428
Store: 970.527.3211

Rocky Mountain Locksmith and Embroidery
Don & Jennifer Ludwig
204 E Bridge Street
Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419
Store: 970.778.7632 | 970.872.7500

When you need new apparel, visit one of these merchants and discuss what you need and complete the order form. The order form will then be kept on hand at the Merchant and returned to the North Fork Ambulance Business Office with the Invoice for the apparel ordered so the Executive Director/Business Office can track apparel purchases. You may click on the name of the merchant above to download a copy of the order form.

Due to the cost of apparel, volunteers are encouraged to only request additional apparel when absolutely necessary. The director will keep a log of apparel issued to volunteers on EMS Toolkit and if records indicate an individual has a wide variety of new apparel and more is requested the request will be denied.  

Replacement apparel must be ordered with the “Staff Apparel Order Form” and will allow the volunteer to choose between Package A or Package B. An allotment of baseball caps and windbreakers will be distributed to the Stations each year. Crewmembers in need of a hat/windbreaker should contact their station captain. These items will also be given out at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in the fall.

Purchasing Additional Association Branded Apparel

Crewmembers can purchase additional North Fork Ambulance branded apparel such as t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, jackets or sweatshirts to wear while on-call for the Association.  The cost of embroidery/silk screening any of these products is solely up to the individual requesting them and must strictly adhere to these standards.

Apparel found not in compliance with these standards will not be branded with the Association’s logo.

A volunteer may have their own hat embroidered with the Association design if it meets the following apparel design requirements:

  • Primary color must be navy, black or tan,
  • Accent colors may be any color found in the full-color version of the Association’s logo or a slightly lighter version of that color or camouflage accents,  
  • Hats cannot have competing graphics or vulgar images/slogans on them. Patriotic/flag and EMS graphics that don’t compete with the Association logo will be allowed,

  • The Association Logo should never be embroidered on a hat in the same color as the hat or any hat which has a graphic across the embroidery panel of the hat which would distract from the logo.

The Association will provide volunteers with a choice of shirts to wear as outlined above. Each volunteer will have the choice between two packages, one which will include a polo shirt and one t-shirt or they may choose a package with three t-shirts.

The Board has also adopted and approved a long-sleeve dress shirt which will be given to volunteers who routinely dedicate themselves to the Association and meet minimum standards and volunteer regularly at public events such as events hosting the 911 Express and public relations events. The approved styling of this shirt is outlined below. A board member, station captain or the Director shall make this order with the appropriate sizes following these standards.

Volunteers may purchase any of the approved apparel shirts themselves to have additional shirts. No exceptions to the Association approved apparel regarding t-shirts or polos will be allowed unless the volunteer needs a specific type of fabric. Our attempt is to make all shirts look as similar as possible and individuals buying random designs and colors defeats the uniformity of our apparel.

The one shirt where the volunteer has the ability to choose the fabric, style and manufacturer of the shirt is the button up shirt. The volunteer may have the Association logo embroidered on a dress/button up shirt of their choosing as long as it is:

  • Long or short sleeve that buttons all the way to the collar

  • Solid tan or Navy or tan/navy with an accent of white, tan, or a color found in the Association logo.

  • Shirts may not have a pattern, which would make the logo hard to read (ie – large plaid print).

The following are prohibited on Association branded apparel:

  • Shirts cannot have other graphics on them; no logos, slogans or other emblems will be allowed unless shirt is EMS related.

    • Shirts containing other EMS insignia shall be approved by either the Director or Graphic Coordinator prior to being branded with Association logos.

  • Underarmor or similar style skin type clothing or muscle shirts will not be allowed for men or women and women’s shirts may not be cut to display cleavage.

To view pre-approved shirts, jackets, etc, please click here download a copy of the most recent apparel standards.