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North Fork Ambulance Crew Photo


- The ONLY ambulance service in the North Fork Valley and have been since 1969!

- A team of Neighbors Helping Neighbors


The map below shows the service area of the North Fork Ambulance including approximate response zones for the three different stations. The North Fork Ambulance service area is roughly 1,500 square miles, or roughly the size of the State of Rhode Island! This area includes not only the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Lazear and Somerset but also the unincorporated areas of Delta County, Montrose County and Gunnison County. The vast majority of our calls for service though, fall within the populated areas of Delta County.

Our western service boundary begins at Payne Siding Rd on Hwy 92 between Hotchkiss and Delta and extends to the eastern boundary at the Pitkin County line at the top of McClure Pass and the West Elk Wilderness. Traveling south, it stretches from the Mesa County line on the Grand Mesa south to the Black Canyon National Park and Gunnison Gorge Conservation area.

While some ambulance services encompass noting but populated areas and have a small service area, we cover vast stretches of mountain terrain and canyons where there is little to no residents. However, these beautiful mountains and canyons are a draw to many residents and tourists for recreational purposes and often injuries or illness arise when people are are enjoying these natural resources. The Ambulance works closely with the local fire departments, law enforcement and local search & rescue to reach lost, trapped and/or injured parties in remote areas of our service area.
North Fork Ambulance Service Area

Stations and Vehicles

Three Stations & a Fleet to serve you 24/7/365!

We have three (3) centrally located ambulance stations in the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford so you and your family can receive the fastest ambulance response possible in an emergency.

Each station and community is faced with its own unique challenges and opportunities based upon the terrain, population density and businesses located within the station's service area. Typically, Paonia is our busiest station responding to an averge of 30 calls per month, followed by Hotchkiss with an average of 22 calls per month and the Crawford Station averages 8 calls per month.

Throughout the year our crews at the different station host events at the stations or are out in the public at community events. When you see us out and about, stop by and say hi.

Paonia Station - 405 2nd Street

The Paonia Station is located at the center of town next to the public works building and Dependable Lumber. The facility was completly remodeled following a devestating fire which gutted the building and burned both ambulances back on August 6, 2009. The Paonia station houses two ambulances enabling two crews to respond to calls simulatenously, cutting down on response times. The Paonia station services the Paonia Care Center, Town of Paonia and outyling areas including Bowie and West Elk Coal Mine and McClure and Kebler passes.

Hotchkiss Station - 196 W Hotchkiss Ave

The Hotchkiss station is located in the same building as the Hotchkiss Fire Department. The facility houses two ambulances and averages 22 calls per month and serves the Town of Hotchkiss and outyling areas including Lazear, Leroux Creek National Forest, Redlands Mesa and is the main EMS provider to the Delta County Fair in Hotchkiss.

Crawford Station - E Street & Elm Ave

The Crawford station is located in the same building as the public works department at the intersection of E Street and Elm Ave in Crawford. The smallest of the Association, the Crawford station only houses one ambulance and the crew responds to an average of 8-10 calls per month. The Crawford station and crew responds to emergencies in the Town of Crawford and surrounding area including the Smith Fork, Crawford State Park, Black Canyon National Park, Black Mesa and everything in between. The Crawford crew is always involved in Crawford Pioneer Days and several crewmembers and their families direct and star in the Pioneer Days Melodrama each year!

Ambulance Close Up

Centrally Located Ambulances

Our stations are located in the three towns that comprise the North Fork Valley, allowing crews to quickly respond to an emergency in any of the three communities. 

QRV 4Runner on Black Canyon Rd

Quick Response Vehicles

Three (3) Toyota 4Runners equipped with 4WD and life-saving equipment allow Advanced Life Support (ALS) personnel travel directly to the scene or meet up with the ambulance to provide advanced care when you need it most.  Learn more...

Ambulance on Hwy 92

Bright, Safety Driven Graphics

Our fleet is branded with high visibility and reflective graphics to keep the public and crew members safe during emergency responses and road-side rescues. 


Quick Response Vehicle 4Runner


You may have noticed a new kind of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicle traveling our local roads. These Quick Response Vehicles, purchased through State and Federal grants, as well as local fundraising and generous donations, are specifically designed to bring North Fork Ambulance Advance Level EMTs directly to the scene to begin a higher level of care much sooner than it has ever before been available in the North Fork valley.

Our Advanced Level EMTs provide extensive pre-hospital care including advanced airway management, cardiac medications, and pain management, as well as heart monitoring with 12-lead EKG in the field. Working in direct contact with DCMH Emergency Room physicians, these crew members are able to support patients with significant problems such as heart attacks and serious traumatic injuries and can administer potentially life-saving medications long before reaching the hospital. In 2015, valley residents identified the need and desire for a higher level of emergency medical care right here at home.

This advanced care had previously been obtained by our ambulances meeting Delta County Ambulance District ambulances by the side of the road somewhere between Hotchkiss and Delta Hospital to begin advance life care needs. Through training, and the acquisition of the Quick Response Vehicles, the North Fork Ambulance now has a limited number of Advanced Life Support crew members who can quickly and efficiently get to the scene of an emergency.

Additionally, these 4-wheel drive vehicles can get to patients who may be snowed in or otherwise unreachable by our ambulances, faster and more safely than ever before. By using these cost effective Quick Response Vehicles we are able to put the limited number of our most highly trained crew members exactly where they need to be in the shortest time possible. When you see these vehicles responding, know that help is on the way to someone in need because the North Fork valley spoke and we listened. Thank you! 

North Fork Ambulance Logo

110 E Hotchkiss Avenue
PO Box 127
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Phone: +1 (970) 872-4303