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Support the Ambulance and Protect Your Family 

A North Fork Ambulance Membership helps you be prepared when the unexpected major illness or injury strikes your family requiring one or more transports to the hospital via ambulance. Lets face it, no one plans on needing an ambulance and even healthy people get sick or injured, but by signing up today to be a Member, you're signing up for financial stability in an emergency.

Members with Medical Insurance who have met their deductible for the year:

If you have insurance and have met your deductible for the year, we will bill your insurance, Medicaid or Medicare for the cost of services rendered. Any co-pay the insurance may say is due is written off by us and you do not owe anything out of pocket!

Members WITHOUT Medical Insurance or who have NOT met their deductible for the year or their policy does NOT cover ambulance transportation to the hospital:

If you do not have Medical Insurance, or you do and your deductible hasn't been met or your policy doesn't cover ambulance transport(s), we will give you a 60% discount on your bill for services rendered.

Now that you have read about the benefits Members receive consider the fact Non-Members are responsible for 100% of their bill. Even if non-members have insurance it may or may not cover the average transport cost of $1,200+/- per trip.

*To enroll in the North Fork Ambulance Membership Program and to receive its benefits, you must reside in the North Fork Ambulance service area or be a Business Owner in the North Fork Valley and be purchasing a membership for your business. North Fork Ambulance Membership benefits only apply to transportation by the North Fork Ambulance and does not cover medical helicopter transport or transportation/care by another ambulance service.

For more information on the Membership Terms & Conditions, please read the Membership Program Agreement.

2018 Membership Pricing:


$ 40 / year
  • Covers an individual residing full or part time in the North Fork Valley.


$ 50 / year
  • Covers two permanent family members residing together with one or both members age 65 and over.


$ 60 / year
  • Covers two permanent family members residing together in the North Fork Valley.


$ 75 / yearx
  • Covers all permanent family members residing together in one household.


$ 100 / year
  • Business Members (any size) who have a business located in the North Fork Valley may purchase a Business Membership that covers the business' employees and patrons, who become ill or injured while on the premises of your business in the North Fork Valley during normal business hours.


$ 10 discount
  • Are you the owner, manager or employee of a business that is an active or new Business Member of the North Fork Ambulance? If so, we are extending you a great offer - employees and owners of North Fork Valley businesses qualify for a $10 discount off your Membership total!
  • To qualify for the discount, you must own or work for a business that is actively a member or purchasing/renewing a Membership at the same time. Read the instructions on the application form to redeem your discount code.


Donate to keep the Ambulance Strong

What can I do to help?

Donate and become a Member! As a 501(c)(3) any donation you give to the Association is used to pay for training for our State Certified EMTs to help them be prepared when they respond to any emergency. Donations are also used in the maintenance and purchase of new equipment, and to keep our fleet of five (5) ambulances running strong so they are always ready when an emergency call comes in.

Is a donation tax deductible?

Donations to the Association are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Colorado State law and IRS regulations as a charitable contribution. Your Membership dues are not tax deductible but may be written off as a medical expense. For more information on what is and is not deductible, please consult your accountant (CPA).

How do I donate?

The North Fork Ambulance is now associated with an online resource for non-profit organizations, including the North Fork Ambulance to raise funds year-round in addition to participate in the Annual Colorado Gives Day on December 5th each year! You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a recurring donation to pledge continuing support to the North Fork Ambulance Association! Information on how to donate is included below.


To start your donation, simply click on the "Donate" button below, and follow the step-by-step instructions. The minimum donation amount is $10.

You can donate with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), information from a bank account (personal checking, business checking or savings), or a Giving eCard that has been emailed to you as a gift (see "Can I send gift cards through your system" on for more info). You can donate any of these ways without creating an account.

Once you've made a donation, you will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgment letter. A copy of this letter will also be emailed to you. These can be printed for your records. If you created a donor account, copies of these letters will also be saved in your donation history.

Your contribution will go to the Community First Foundation which will grant your donation to the North Fork Ambulance. This allows to issue a donation receipt to you immediately upon completion of your transaction. Your credit/debit card statement will show "CmtyFirstFdn/ColoradoGives" or "COGivesDay/ColoradoGives" not the North Fork Ambulance, the reason for this is the fact that the Community First Foundation via process all credit/debit card transactions for the North Fork Ambulance.

Can I specify how my donation is used?
Yes! We offer donors the following ares to contribute to:
    Gift Memberships - Donate the value of a Membership and our Business Office will give this to a family or individual in need.
    $40 Individual Gift Membership
    $50 Senior Citizen Couple Gift Membership
    $60 Couple Gift Membership
    $75 Family Gift Membership
    $200 Powerful Stories Supporting Gift Donation - Support our Powerful Stories Program
    $3,500 - Donate to send a volunteer through Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training to get certified to serve the community
    Other Amounts can be donated over $10
Program Areas you can choose your donation to be used towards:
    Emergency Ambulance Service - Your donation is used to pay for expenses associated with emergency operations.
    Education Program - Your donation is used to pay for training.
    Community Outreach- Your donation is used to fund programs such as the Mock DUI Program, 911 Express Kiddie Train and others.

Can I donate Annyounmously?

Yes - you can choose to donate completely announmously or just wish to have your name removed from list of donors in publications. The default is we recognize our donors by individual/company name.

Can I dedicate my donation as a memorial to or in honor of someone?

Yes. When you make your donation, you can choose your donation to be "In Honor" or "In Memory" of someone, send an eNote to the named person, or request that we send a physical card/letter.

Recurring Donations

What are recurring donations?
A recurring donation is when a donor authorizes Community First Foundation, through ColoradoGives, to make a donation for a specified amount, at regular intervals, against a specific credit card or bank account, and to the North Fork Ambulance. Donors can set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring donations.

Recurring donations are helpful for the North Fork Ambulacne because they provide us with a reliable donation we can budget into operating expenses.

How do I set up a recurring donation?
You can set up a recurring donation during the check-out process.

1. After you enter your recurring donation amount (minimum of $10), select "Yes" to the question of whether it is a recurring donation.

2. On the form that appears, select 1) When you want the first installment of your donation to be made, 2) How often you would like the gift to be made (every x number of days, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually), 3) When you would like the donation to end (by a certain date, after a certain number of payments, after a certain amount has been donated, or never).

3. After completing the rest of the information on that page, click "Add to Cart."

4. You will either need to sign in to your existing account or create an account. (If you've already signed in, then you'll automatically be directed to the Payment & Billing section of the donation process).

5. Enter your payment and billing information, and click Submit to complete the transaction.

A donor account on is needed for recurring donations in order to track the parameters you set up and to process the donations according to your direction. A donor account will also allow the automatically generated acknowledgement letters to be stored on your account so you can access them at your convenience. In order to maintain compliance with security standards, Community First Foundation does not store your complete credit card or bank account information.

Can I set up a recurring donation using online checks?
Yes. You can set up a recurring donation from a bank account or with a credit card.

Is there an additional cost for recurring donations?
No, there are no additional costs associated with setting up a recurring donation.

To cancel the existing recurring donation:
1. Go to
2. Click on Sign In at the top of the page.
3. Login to your donor account (if you cannot remember your password, then click on the forgot password link to reset it).
4. Once logged in, click on My Account at the top of the page.
5. Select the Recurring Tab.
6. Click Cancel next to the recurring donation(s) you want to cancel.

To set-up the new recurring donation:

1. Go to the North Fork Ambulance's page on
2. Click the "Donate" button.
3. Enter the details of your recurring donation in the appropriate fields, and click the "Add to Cart" button.
4. You will either need to sign in to your existing account or create an account. (If you've already signed in, then you'll automatically be directed to the Payment & Billing section of the donation process).
5. Enter your payment and billing information, and click Submit to complete the transaction.

For Complete Terms & Conditions and how donations work, please review the FAQ's on their website.
Donate to Colorado Gives


Our crews are Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.
Join our team today and answer a call for help!

Everyday throughout the North Fork Valley, there are men and women from a variety of backgrounds with varying life experiences and careers who dedicate themselves to serving their community as EMS volunteers. These volunteers are your friends, neighbors and maybe even family members. They have taken the time and effort to become a State of Colorado certified EMT or American Heart Association CPR Certified Driver and are trained to act in an emergency to help a Neighbor in a Time of Need.

Looking for a way to Serve your Community?

Look no further than the North Fork Ambulance! We have been staffed by volunteer staff since 1969 - that's over 45 years!. Whether you are new to the Valley or have lived here for decades, the North Fork Ambulance has something to offer for everyone.

Our volunteers are ranchers, business owners, accountants, orchard owners, nurses, professional EMTs, airplane pilots, architects, retired professionals and many more occupations than we can list here. The unifying feature amongst all our volunteers is the fact that they are volunteers and chose to give back to their community.

There are many great organizations in the North Fork Valley and Delta County which you can volunteer with and give back to the community and we are proud to say our volunteers are heavily involved in other aspects of the community, besides the ambulance. EMS opens doors - let us open the doors to new skills and experiences that will change your life and those of others.

What are the benefits to serving on the Ambulance?

There are many. We are a community of people helping the community at large. When you dedicate yourself as an EMT or CPR Certified Driver, you are responding to help people, often in the worst times of their lives, and just by being present you can help put people at ease and know you are making a difference.

The Association provides monthly training opportunities for EMTs and drivers to stay current on life saving skills and we also provide financial assistance for volunteers to attend EMS conferences and trainings around the State of Colorado to keep current on the latest advances in pre-hospital Emergency Care.

Volunteers also receive a small token of appreciation in the form of on-call pay. The Association adopted the below pay scale in the fall of 2014 for volunteers who accept it, in return for them dedicating themselves to being availble for any emergency which should arise during a 12-hour shift. Just because you volunteer doesn't mean your time isn't valuable.

CPR Certified Driver: $2.25/hour
EMT: $ 3.25/hour
EMT Intermediate: $3.75/hour
Paramedic: $4.25/hour

We understand you have a job, life and responsibilities outside the ambulance and we work with you to allow you to do what is important to you, and provide you with some compensation for your time and efforts in giving back to the community.

What are the minimum requirements?

Prospective Drivers must:
- Be a minimum of 18 years old
- Live or work within ten (10) minutes of an ambulance station in either Paonia, Hotchkiss or Crawford.
-  Have no felony convictions,
-  Possess a valid State of Colorado Driver's license or ability to obtain one within 30 days of employment
-  Have no active restrictions on your license or pending court cases regarding your driving privileges.

Upon becoming an active crew member, we ask the following of our Drivers:
-  Maintain an American Heart Association CPR for Health care Professionals CPR certification,
- Complete training in National Incident Management System (NIMS) upon being hired,
- Complete twelve (12) ambulance checks with an EMT per year,
- Be on-call a minimum of 48, 12-hour shifts per year.

What about an EMT? Do you provide training?
Yes! We do pay for crew members to advance their training and become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or an EMT-Intermediate which is an Advanced Life Support crew member. 

Below is the list of the requirements our Physician Advisor and Board of Directors has established as minimum requirements for an individual to be an EMT with the North Fork Ambulance:

We gladly accept individuals who are trained EMTs as well as those individuals who have a desire to serve as an EMT but are not yet certified. The Ambulance pays for EMT training in exchange for a minimum of one (1) year of service to the Ambulance. To learn more about the EMT class and requirements which must be met to have the Ambulance pay for training, please contact a Station Captain.

Prospective EMTs must:
-  Be a minimum of 18 years old,
-  Live or work within ten (10) minutes of an ambulance station in either Paonia, Hotchkiss or Crawford,
-  Have a no felony convictions,
-  Possess a valid State of Colorado Driver's license or ability to obtain one within 30 days of employment,
-  Have no active restrictions on your license or pending court cases regarding your driving privileges,

EMTs must be able to meet the following requirements annually:
-  Obtain and keep current a State of Colorado EMT-Basic or higher level, certification,
-  Maintain a current American Heart Association CPR For Health Care Professions or equivalent CPR Certification,
-  Complete training in National Incident Management System (NIMS) upon being hired,
-  Complete twelve (12) ambulance checks per year with drivers,
-  Complete required skills testing as specified by the Board, Executive Director and/or Physician Advisor,
-  Be on-call a minimum of 48, 12 hour shifts in a year



What is the Friends of North Fork Ambulance?

The Friends of North Fork Ambulance is a group of people working together in non-emergency capacities to support the mission of the North Fork Ambulance. Our goal is to increase the number of volunteers and the number of Members in order to continue providing ambulance service from three (3) stations centrally located in the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford. We are like the ladies fire auxillary groups that support our local fire departments! 

How do I join the Friends of North Fork Ambulance?

Joining is quick and easy! Just fill out the application below and submit it. Upon receipt of your application, our Community Outreach Coordinator Katie Hedley will contact you to get you started!


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