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Donate to the North Fork Ambulance


Thank you for your Support!

The North Fork Ambulance Association is an IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Private Corporation and is supported entirely by Memberships, Donations, grants and trip billing revenue. Since our inception we have been a non-profit and we have never collected a property tax mill levy. Without the continued support of the community in the form of Memberships and donations though, the Association may have to look at pursuing a special tax district mill levy to continue operation of the Association in three communities.

What can I do to help?

Donate and become a Member! As a 501(c)(3) any donation you give to the Association is used to pay for training for our State Certified EMTs to help them be prepared when they respond to any emergency. Donations are also used in the maintenance and purchase of new equipment, and to keep our fleet of five (5) ambulances running strong so they are always ready when an emergency call comes in.

Is a donation tax deductible?

Donations to the Association are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Colorado State law and IRS regulations as a charitable contribution. Your Membership dues are not tax deductible but may be written off as a medical expense. For more information on what is and is not deductible, please consult your accountant (CPA).

How do I donate?

The North Fork Ambulance is now associated with an online resource for non-profit organizations, including the North Fork Ambulance to raise funds year-round in addition to participate in the Annual Colorado Gives Day on December 5th each year! You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a recurring donation to pledge continuing support to the North Fork Ambulance Association! Information on how to donate is included below.


To start your donation, simply click on the "Donate" button at the top or bottom of this page, and follow the step-by-step instructions. The minimum donation amount is $10.

You can donate with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), information from a bank account (personal checking, business checking or savings), or a Giving eCard that has been emailed to you as a gift (see "Can I send gift cards through your system" on for more info). You can donate any of these ways without creating an account.

Once you've made a donation, you will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgment letter. A copy of this letter will also be emailed to you. These can be printed for your records. If you created a donor account, copies of these letters will also be saved in your donation history.

Your contribution will go to the Community First Foundation which will grant your donation to the North Fork Ambulance. This allows to issue a donation receipt to you immediately upon completion of your transaction. Your credit/debit card statement will show "CmtyFirstFdn/ColoradoGives" or "COGivesDay/ColoradoGives" not the North Fork Ambulance, the reason for this is the fact that the Community First Foundation via process all credit/debit card transactions for the North Fork Ambulance.

Can I specify how my donation is used?

Yes! We offer donors the following ares to contribute to:

  • Gift Memberships - Donate the value of a Membership and our Business Office will give this to a family or individual in need.
    • $40 Individual Gift Membership
    • $50 Senior Citizen Couple Gift Membership
    • $60 Couple Gift Membership
    • $75 Family Gift Membership
  • $200 Powerful Stories Supporting Gift Donation - Support our Powerful Stories Program
  • $3,500 - Donate to send a volunteer through Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training to get certified to serve the community
  • Other Amounts can be donated over $10
  • Program Areas you can choose your donation to be used towards:
    • Emergency Ambulance Service - Your donation is used to pay for expenses associated with emergency operations.
    • Education Program - Your donation is used to pay for training.
    • Community Outreach- Your donation is used to fund programs such as the Mock DUI Program, 911 Express Kiddie Train and others.

Can I donate Annyounmously?

Yes - you can choose to donate completely announmously or just wish to have your name removed from list of donors in publications. The default is we recognize our donors by individual/company name.

Can I dedicate my donation as a memorial to or in honor of someone?

Yes. When you make your donation, you can choose your donation to be "In Honor" or "In Memory" of someone, send an eNote to the named person, or request that we send a physical card/letter.

Recurring Donations

What are recurring donations?

A recurring donation is when a donor authorizes Community First Foundation, through ColoradoGives, to make a donation for a specified amount, at regular intervals, against a specific credit card or bank account, and to the North Fork Ambulance. Donors can set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring donations.

Recurring donations are helpful for the North Fork Ambulacne because they provide us with a reliable donation we can budget into operating expenses.

How do I set up a recurring donation?

You can set up a recurring donation during the check-out process.

1. After you enter your recurring donation amount (minimum of $10), select "Yes" to the question of whether it is a recurring donation.

2. On the form that appears, select 1) When you want the first installment of your donation to be made, 2) How often you would like the gift to be made (every x number of days, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually), 3) When you would like the donation to end (by a certain date, after a certain number of payments, after a certain amount has been donated, or never).

3. After completing the rest of the information on that page, click "Add to Cart."

4. You will either need to sign in to your existing account or create an account. (If you've already signed in, then you'll automatically be directed to the Payment & Billing section of the donation process).

5. Enter your payment and billing information, and click Submit to complete the transaction.

A donor account on is needed for recurring donations in order to track the parameters you set up and to process the donations according to your direction. A donor account will also allow the automatically generated acknowledgement letters to be stored on your account so you can access them at your convenience. In order to maintain compliance with security standards, Community First Foundation does not store your complete credit card or bank account information.

Can I set up a recurring donation using online checks?

Yes. You can set up a recurring donation from a bank account or with a credit card.

Is there an additional cost for recurring donations?

No, there are no additional costs associated with setting up a recurring donation.

To cancel the existing recurring donation:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Sign In at the top of the page.

3.  Login to your donor account (if you cannot remember your password, then click on the forgot password link to reset it).

4.  Once logged in, click on My Account at the top of the page.

5.  Select the Recurring Tab.

6.  Click Cancel next to the recurring donation(s) you want to cancel.

To set-up the new recurring donation:

1.  Go to the North Fork Ambulance's page on

2.  Click the "Donate" button.

3.  Enter the details of your recurring donation in the appropriate fields, and click the "Add to Cart" button.

4. You will either need to sign in to your existing account or create an account. (If you've already signed in, then you'll automatically be directed to the Payment & Billing section of the donation process).

5. Enter your payment and billing information, and click Submit to complete the transaction.

For Complete Terms & Conditions and how donations work, please review the FAQ's on their website.