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Donate to the North Fork Ambulance


Thank you for your Support!

The North Fork Ambulance Association is an IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Private Corporation and is supported entirely by Memberships, Donations, grants and trip billing revenue. Since our inception we have been a non-profit and we have never collected a property tax mill levy. Without the continued support of the community in the form of Memberships and donations though, the Association may have to look at pursuing a special tax district mill levy to continue operation of the Association in three communities.

What can I do to help?

Donate and become a Member! As a 501(c)(3) any donation you give to the Association is used to pay for training for our State Certified EMTs to help them be prepared when they respond to any emergency. Donations are also used in the maintenance and purchase of new equipment, and to keep our fleet of five (5) ambulances running strong so they are always ready when an emergency call comes in.

Is a donation tax deductible?

Donations to the Association are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Colorado State law and IRS regulations as a charitable contribution. Your Membership dues are not tax deductible but may be written off as a medical expense. For more information on what is and is not deductible, please consult your accountant (CPA).

How do I donate?

You can donate using our online form and payment is processed securely using PayPal. Simply click on the link below and a new window/tab will open in your internet browser which will take you to the Donation form. Complete the fields required and select your donation amount, then make your donation using PayPal's secure payment processing site.

Is there a set donation amount?

We greatly appreciate any and all donations. Due to credit card processing fees, the minimum allowed donation is $10, however we are grateful for any amount you wish to contribute to the Association and you can enter the donation of your choice on the donation form.